Domain name registration is the first step in getting an online presence for your business. Even if you are only at the planning stage, making sure that the domain name you want is available and securing it is fundamental step.

Once you have thought of a suitable domain name or have a list of domain names you wish to register you can use our domain name registration tool to check the availability. Domain name results will show if your chosen name is available and a variety of domains to choose from.

Domains Available

  • .COM – the most well-known and well used of all the domain names. It started off representing company domain name addresses, but became far more widely used over time. Often used to represent American domains, but you can find thousands UK websites using a .COM domain name.
  • .CO.UK – these domain names have been used in the UK for many years. They are used to represent company websites within the UK. It is actually a second level domain name – the first level merely being .UK. Other organisations within the UK also use it – for example for Government websites, for academic site.
  • .ORG – people often register .ORG domains for non-profit organisations such as charities and those enterprises which are non-commercial in nature. This domain was originally established in 1985 with the other main TLDs (.COM, .NET, .GOV and .EDU).
  • .ORG.UK – as above, but used for UK based non-profit businesses. There is nothing to stop an organisation using the .ORG TLD if it so chooses.
  • .INFO – originally a top level domain which was meant to represent informative websites – these domains became very popular with over 5 million registered by 2008.
  • .NET – this domain is a shortening of the word “network” and was originally intended for use by internet providers and other networking/technology organisations.
  • .ME.UK – commonly used for personal (non-commercial) websites.
  • .BIZ – originally established as an alternative to .COM domain name registration to alleviate some of the demand .BIZ top level domains were also used to register a domain name where the .COM alternative had already been taken by another business. In recent years their popularity has declined but registration may be a good way of protecting alternative variations of your domain and TLD.