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Make your website URL’s more SEO Friendly

Not all website URL’s are fully SEO friendly; you can greatly increase the chances of attracting more visitors to your website by making the URL’s friendlier for the search engines to read.

Firstly, what is a URL?

A URL or Uniform Resource Locator is a technical way of saying an address for information on the Internet. If you hear URL, just think “address” or “location.”

  • If you’re creating a document that you want to publish on the Internet, you use an absolute URL so that anyone — anywhere in the world — on the Internet can find the page.
  • If you’re creating links to other files within the same folder or on the same server, you need to provide only a relative URL. Remember that you’re already in the same directory (or folder or general vicinity) as the file to which you’re linking.

All HTML documents can use URLs to link to other information. URLs, in turn, can point to many different things, such as HTML documents, other sites on the Internet, or even images and sound files. A backlink is also a URL.

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Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify is a brilliant music service that has been providing millions with their musical needs for over 5 years now. However there is a new contender, Apple Music, Which provides Taylor Swift as well as “The Chronic” an album by…

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