5 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Be Using!


Whether you are a small business that has just started out or a large business that has existed for a number of years, a big helping hand could be to invest in a Social Media Marketing Tool. Fear not, help is at hand! You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of these tools and you don’t even need to spend hours searching for the right on for you, we have the top 5 right here for you to decide from.



Hootsuite is one of, if not the best, free social media management tools available. It covers multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. It provides weekly analytics reports and excellent team management facilities (delegating tasks, sending private messages) which can be very useful when there’s more than one person handling the social media accounts.



Many people find Klout useful because it measures influence through engagement on Twitter and it is a good way of seeing what people think about your brand and what influences them the most. You can adjust your posts according to your target audience’s interests and build up your engagement rate.



TweetReach is extremely easy to use and gives you analytics instantly. They give you the opportunity to gain knowledge about your tweets, their reach, exposure and the people who interact with them. Most of all, TweetReach is not only for brands, but for anyone who wants to know how they influences Twitter. Just enter your hashtag, your username and track what is said about it, and how far it has gone!



FollowerWonk is a great help to individuate potential audiences. It can be used by digital marketing companies to provide deeper insight into clients’ Twitter followers and to help refine a client’s content strategy. FollowerWonk will provide a breakdown of followers to any Twitter account by social authority, helping determine which handles are worth reaching out to.

Social Mention


Social Mention is quite popular among many companies. It is likely one of the best free listening tools on the market. It analyses data in depth and measures influence with 4 categories: strength, sentiment, passion and reach.