3 Ways To Use Social Media in Business


Here at Buoyancy, we know that everyone uses social media in many different ways, therefore, the approach you use should be based on your individual goals. In our latest blog we will give you three ways to use social media to get the results you want for your business.

1. Sell Products or Services

Arguably the most popular goal to use social media is to boost sales within a business, no wonder most social networks have become full-blown marketing platforms. Those businesses using a sales approach make no bones about the fact that they want you to buy their product or services.

When you’re selling, your updates/posts would most likely include discounts and coupons, limited-time deals, new releases and promotions.


2.  Become a Leading Industry Resource

The most popular social media approach is positioning yourself as a resource. Content marketing professionals recognize social media channels as conduits and use them to pass information to fans, followers and customers.


Your updates include tips, advice and links to interesting or industry-related articles and resources. Providing the information your audience craves translates into lots of follows, shares and positive word of mouth.

3.  Provide Quality Customer Service

We know that all companies want to give their customers the best experience possible, and right now that primarily means providing customer service on social media. These days, many customers choose to bypass annoying phone menus and hold times in favor of a quick social media update (tweets are particularly popular).